Report It, Girl

I created Report It, Girl as a safe, moderated online community to help survivors of sexual violence heal through expressive writing. This work came out of my own journey trying to heal from childhood sexual abuse. In addition to feeling overwhelming shame around what happened to me, my many attempts to heal were thwarted by the culture of silence, the lack of trained professionals and my own fear of losing my shit if I did face my trauma.

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Note: I did lose my shit. It was an epic journey of allowing myself to fully experience the PTSD symptoms that occurred after visiting my childhood home, where the perpetrator was living. It was as if a fiery, ranging bull had been running after me all the years since the trauma, and I thought if I could just run fast enough, just jump through enough hoops to become a successful person, the roaring inferno of my past pain would never consume me. My PTSD was so debilitating that I could barely function. I lost the scaffolding of “success” I built around me, and there was nothing left but to sludge through and face the damage that was done to my being.

What I learned along the journey is a) healing is possible, b) we have the power to heal ourselves and c) healing is amplified when surrounded by a supportive community. As Brené Brown says, the two most powerful words in the world are, “me, too.”

So check out Report It, Girl when you get a chance. Some of the stories may bring up stuff for you, but my experience while healing was an overpowering desire to read other people’s stories so I wouldn’t feel alone. If you feel compelled, start writing your story. You don’t need to share it on our site. What matters is that you begin to put words to your experience– a powerful step in the healing journey. Some people find that they pour out their story in one sitting and send it in. Others have taken over a year to write and share. There is no perfect timing. Do what is right for you. Also, you can chose whether your story is posted anonymous or not, which is entirely up to you.

Wherever in the world you are reading this, know that you are not alone. There is a growing collective of us rising up and speaking the truth about what happened to us, and in doing so, we’re breaking our silence and moving forward in our healing journey.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to me at kat (at) reportitgirl (dot) com.