Welcome to my tiny slice of the internet!

If we were meeting in person, I’d probably give you a hug.

Kat Bio Pic.png

Here is some info about me:

  • I founded Report It, Girl — a web platform to help survivors of sexual violence heal through storytelling, community and resources.
  • I worked for 5 years as a researcher and educator at the Childhood Obesity Research Center.
  • I speak Spanish fluently, thanks to bilingual classes, various projects in Mexico and living in Spain and Los Angeles.
  • I’m a StartingBloc Fellow.
  • I filmed and edited Deserted, a short film about one young women’s lack of access to healthy food in South Los Angeles.
  • I was raised in San Diego, California.
  • I love wondering around a new city.
  • I recently relocated back to SoCal after living on the East Coast for four years.

Professional Bio:

Kat Alexander is a social entrepreneur, public health researcher, writer and female empowerment activist. She’s the founder and CEO of Report It Girl, a tech non-profit helping survivors of sexual violence around the world heal through storytelling, community and resources.

Kat work focuses on leveraging technology to create engaging, scalable online communities that foster health and well-being. She advises various tech non profits around the globe, including Chayn, an open-source project that leverages technology to empower women against violence and oppression so they can live happier and healthier lives; FlexVote, an app for Black and Latina women that fosters political flex and mobilization for justice; and Mindful Muslims, a mindfulness-based platform educating Muslim youth on the power of breath, meditation and loving kindness.

Kat’s work is grounded in the use of evidence-based methods to achieve lasting, measurable and meaningful impact. She gained her 10+ years of public health research experience at USC, UCLA and Dartmouth and has authored a dozen peer-reviewed journal articles.

Kat earned a B.S. in Psychobiology from UCLA and a Masters in Nutritional Sciences from Cal State Los Angeles. She is a Regents Scholar and a StartingBloc Fellow.


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